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Why Having an Android-Powered Printer Is Important for Your Business

900x595_1118_v1Google’s Android mobile operating system has long been considered the most leading-edge and widely used OS in the mobile device arena. Currently, there are over 1.4 billion active Android users worldwide and that number is growing. With that many Android-powered devices in use, the need for expanding performance capabilities even further is driving 41% of mobile app developers to solely focus on the Android operating system.

Not limited to mobile and tablet devices, Android’s open-sourced operating system has expanded to areas like smart watches and wearable technology, car navigation, cameras and a broad range of IoT technologies, such as refrigerators, home security systems and printers.

In 2014, Samsung, with its deep understanding of businesses’ constant evolving needs and requirements, introduced the world’s first line of Android-based multifunction printers (MFPs). Since then, those groundbreaking MFPs, equipped with the intuitive Android-based Smart UX Center, have given SMBs and enterprises alike an opportunity to use their printers for more integrated workflows and increased efficiency.


Android Printing for Business

Samsung Printing Solutions’ MultiXpress series of MFPs were the first printers of their kind to be equipped with a tablet display and Android operating system, to make them more independent, versatile, and scalable for all types of business environments.

900x595_1118_v2Having an Android tablet for a printing command center means that the 10.1” touchscreen panel can enable users to search and print from web browsers, emails, maps, images, and other types of content – without the need to connect to a PC or server. Task workflows are also significantly improved with the touchscreen, offering the ability to preview, edit and annotate documents before printing.

As Kiho Kim, President of Samsung Printing Solutions, has said: “As our B2B customers’ work styles and processes continue to become more mobile and untethered from PCs, Samsung will continue to provide new printing solutions that feature intuitive user interfaces, superior performance, and above all else, increased efficiency and productivity for the mobile and fluid workplace.”


The Android Cloud

As offices continue to shift towards a more digitized way of working, cloud computing is becoming a major part of daily operations. Developer Economics, a leading research group, wrote in its “State of the Developer Nation Q1 2016” report that “in cloud we see a significant rise in those working in Enterprise IT, which reflects the wider adoption of cloud computing across enterprises.”

Samsung Printing Solutions’ MultiXpress series MFPs and their ability to utilize the cloud for an array of different tasks, is one of the many factors that make them a superior tool for increasing business opportunities. Users can quickly and easily access files using the Samsung Cloud Print application or through Google’s cloud applications directly on the printer’s Smart UX tablet.


Expanding Printing App Center

900x595_1118_v5Samsung Printing Solutions’ Android-based MFPs are a part of the ever-expanding Android OS community, empowering the printers with limitless printing app scalability – like smartphone technology. Developer Economics reports that 85% of professional developers are involved in the mobile sector, with a majority focusing on Android OS and its devices.

All MultiXpress Series MFPs are compatible with Samsung’s XOA (eXtensible Open Architecture) printing solution platform, and can be customized to meet specialized business needs. Currently, there are over 30 printing applications available in the Smart UX app center with more being added. Having an XOA opens the door to full printer customization and allows developers to design printing apps tailored to your business’s specific needs.


Android-Based Printer Security

900x595_1118_v4Security is a top priority for any business, especially now that more sensitive materials are routinely being stored and transferred online. But the MultiXpress series of MFPs are fortified with state-of-the-art enterprise-level encryption that ensures end-to-end security, even when users are working remotely.

With NFC capabilities, these Android-based MFPs allow easy access from smartphones for more secure mobile printing, a stronger user authentication process, and improved IT administrative functions. For example, one advantage is the ability to “clone” the same security settings on multiple MFPs just by tapping and connecting using NFC.


Looking Ahead with Android-Based Printers

Whether your business heavily relies on its printing capabilities, or uses its printers mainly for regular tasks, having an Android-based Samsung Printing Solutions multifunction printer will significantly improve efficiencies and reduce costs, while helping with easier migration into a digital working environment.

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