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Why Print Auditing Matters for the Way Your Company Does Business

900x595_10_v1Costs can chip away at the profitability of any business. A major overhead that many office managers would like more control over is printing. However, every industry faces a unique set of challenges when it comes to how to control the accumulation of printing-related costs.Is your print fleet being made available to too many users? Do your employees print wastefully, without thinking about how to optimize output? Are your printers improperly secured, opening your organization’s doors to the very real threat of a security leak? And – most importantly – how can you tell in what areas your print network is succeeding or failing?In addition to costs, legal and industry regulations also can require your company to keep accurate tracking and detail auditing systems. In the American finance sector, for example, the Sarbanes-Oxley (or SOX) Act protects both shareholders and the general public from accounting errors and fraud, requiring accurate corporate disclosure.

The answer to all these dilemmas, of course, lies with knowledge. Business managers need to know how much is being printed, by whom and why. Without this information, it is almost impossible to gauge if your network is efficient, optimized and secure. And the best way to stay in control of all this data is by tracking and auditing your printers.


Why Tracking Can Present Challenges

In this age of Big Data, the simple truth is that there is often too much information flowing through any given office in a single day for IT admins to be able to keep track of it all.

Furthermore, there are so many different ways printing and document information can be tracked. You can categorize it by time, department, application, output size, paper type, single-sided versus double-sided print jobs and plenty more options.

With so many options available, and so much data to track, the need is high for workable business solutions that can effectively help control costs.


Improved Management Output

Samsung has solutions that help admins cut through the numbers and get to the heart of the matter.

Thanks to Samsung’s Android-based Smart UX Center, IT administrators now have a wide range of tools for tracking and controlling document usage available on their networks. In addition to Samsung’s apps, many third party developers have also created downloadable programs that can easily be added via Smart UX Center, helping you improve the way your company does business.


Dynamic Workflow, for instance, is a powerful app that helps you keep track of printing output across your printer fleet. It is one of the Smart UX Center’s many useful downloadable apps and widgets. This app lets you integrate tasks such as text editing, document distribution and scanning into your workflow, saving time and enhancing productivity. Importantly, however, it also helps leave a clear trail for admins, showing them exactly how documents move through their networks.

With features like the Weekly Performance Report, Dynamic Workflow can quickly create a thorough overview of your company’s network usage, providing you useful insights on your data flow.


Usage Tracker Core from Business Core 2.0

Auditing, too, can encompass a wide range of tasks and processes. Proper auditing can provide comprehensive records for printers, users, file permissions and all aspects of the document transmission chain.


For small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Samsung’s Business Core 2.0 has a range of useful tools for tracking and auditing print output. Composed of five powerful modular solutions, Business Core 2.0 makes auditing easier than ever for IT admins.

Business Core 2.0’s Usage Tracker Core features an intuitive interface that lets office admins keep tabs on a printer’s output, sorting data into count, cost or date categories. The solution can also compile this data into reports and even use them to calculate and make estimates about future expenses.

To see Usage Tracker Core in action, check out this video:

Business Core 2.0 also has solutions that let you manage workflow, scan codes, access cloud-based features and enhance your company’s printer security. It is an incredibly useful suite of tools for companies who need to optimize their printing and document management operations.


Comprehensive Solutions

Whatever your business’ needs may be, Samsung has all the tracking and auditing tools for you – in the form of management solutions, wide-ranging workflow apps and more.

Staying on top of just how your print networks are being used and keeping up-to-date on who is accessing your documents is essential in the modern business world. With the easy, intuitive solutions that Samsung’s extensive lineup of printing devices and solutions can offer, staying on top of your company spending can be a lot easier than you thought.

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