Why Your SMB Should Print In-HouseIn a 2017 report, market research organization IBISWorld indicated that recent developments in computer technology have enabled SMBs to complete tasks previously serviced by the quick printing industry from the comfort of their own facilities. To this end, new color printing technologies like Samsung’s MFPs are allowing SMBs to conveniently and independently produce the retail, sales and marketing materials they need to differentiate their services.

So, apart from the improved accessibility of equipment once only available at commercial print facilities, why are enterprises now bringing production printing capabilities in-house? Continue reading to find out.


Added Convenience

Making repeat visits to the printer to approve proofs, carrying cumbersome files to the print shop and experiencing countless delays from the time associated with these tasks is an absolute headache – not to mention a drain on productivity. In-house printing, on the other hand, makes it convenient to get all of your printing jobs done right from your office.

Why Your SMB Should Print In-House

Moreover, with the user friendliness of MFPs making them much easier to maintain and use, without the need for high level expertise, executing print jobs is easy, too. Take Samsung’s MultiXpress series, for instance. Designed specifically to enhance the user experience, the printers provide simple and fast usability by replacing complex feature buttons with an integrated 10.1-inch tablet and Samsung’s highly acclaimed Smart UI. In other words, just about anyone in your office can perform printing tasks as needed.


Increased Flexibility and Control

Businesses that control their own print production make their own schedules and prioritize production based on their needs, whereas outsourced third-party vendors schedule jobs based on equipment availability and to maximize their own profitability. So, if you’re regularly working against tight deadlines, or you incur countless fees as a result of last-minute change orders, then insourcing your print jobs might be the right choice.

Why Your SMB Should Print In-House

With Samsung’s Smart UX Center, you can make alterations such as editing text, selecting a different border or changing a font right from the printer. Gone are the days of wasting valuable time going back and forth with account managers. With in-house printing and Samsung’s MFPs, you gain control of the print queue and are able to better manage your priorities.


Print Shop-Like Quality

Investing in in-house printing doesn’t mean compromising on quality. In fact, modern desktop and floor-standing printers are able to produce quality that is comparable to that of printers found in commercial print shops.

Why Your SMB Should Print In-House

For example, Samsung MFPs are equipped with Rendering Engine for Clean Page (ReCP) technology, which enables the printer to analyze input images and apply required adjustments to consistently produce vivid and crisp image output. Similarly, Samsung’s polymerized toner technology provides sharper images and lines with smaller, more uniform toner particles, giving color more impact. Its higher wax content not only improves image gloss, but also enhances print durability by preventing unwanted fading.

Color copiers of the past couldn’t handle heavier stock, saddle-stitching, Z-folding or the high-volume requirements of jobs typically outsourced to a print shop. But with today’s devices like Samsung’s MFPs, which can print on a wide variety of paper types and sizes, you have a practical in-house solution.


Improved Cost Savings

Consider all the costs that come along with outsourcing print jobs. In addition to setup fees, markups and processing fees, outsourcing requires a lot of guesswork when it comes to print quantities, which can often lead to costly overrun. Keeping your printing in-house will diminish many of these hassles and costs, and could ultimately end up saving you money.


Enhanced Security

Many like to think their materials are safe when passed over to a print shop, but the reality is we never really know where sensitive documents might end up. Who’s looking at your confidential data? Is anyone tossing out overrun papers with your proprietary information into the dumpster outside? Who knows?

But insourcing your print jobs allows you to maintain security throughout the entire printing process. No one lays their eyes on your materials until you want them to, and you maintain control of what happens to documents as jobs are completed.

Why Your SMB Should Print In-House

Furthermore, with Samsung Printing’s end-to-end security, businesses can expect even more secure handling, usage and storage of their most sensitive documents. The Smart UX Center ensures your data is encrypted and regular security updates and patches allow your business to stay a step ahead of would-be hackers. Samsung’s Printing Security Core, meanwhile, further enhances security by employing pull printing with user authentication so only specified users can gain access to specific print jobs.


Print solutions vary according to the individual needs of each SMB. To see if an in-house copy center is a good solution for your enterprise, contact a managed print solutions provider that understands your organization’s needs.