Wish You Could Scan Better? These 3 Printers Can HelpThe way you manage your documentation can affect the success of your business. If you are quick to digitize and file your paperwork, your staff will be able to access it whenever they need. You will also be able to process and work with big data more effectively. That is why investing in a printer with scanning hardware can be so helpful nowadays.

Hardware and solutions that help speed up and facilitate scanning – or simplify it with time-saving workflows – can help companies work more effectively. Read on to discover four useful features that three of Samsung’s customizable printers, the MultiXpress X4300LX, the X7500LX and SL-X3220NR, all offer; and how they can help improve your business operations.


Feature #1: Automatic Document Feeders and Dual Scan Hardware

Do you find scanning tasks are taking up too much of your precious time, especially when you are scanning two-sided documents? Automatic Document Feeders and Dual Scan hardware provide handy shortcuts. They let you scan multiple pages at once, or scan both sides of a document at the same time, speeding up your scanning operations.

Wish You Could Scan Better? These 3 Printers Can Help

The X3220NR’s 100 sheet-capacity Automatic Document Feeder provides you with scan speeds of up to 45 pages per minute. In the case of the X4300LX, Dual-Scan Document Feeder technology delivers you scanning speeds of up to 120 double-sided images per minute (ipm) for mono scans. The SL-X7500LX’s Dual-Scan Document Feeder, meanwhile, scans both sides of a document simultaneously – with scanning speeds of up to 160 ipm.


Feature #2: Powerful Processors

Modern printers are sophisticated machines. Office workers now use them for all sorts of different tasks. That means they need to be fitted with advanced processing technology. Fortunately, powerful CPUs also help devices scan faster and more effectively.

The X3220NR’s 1 GHz dual-core processor, combined with a 2GB memory capacity, provides you with high scanning performance. The X4300LX has the same powerful CPU, but offers twice as much memory (4GB). The SL-X7500LX’s 1.5 GHz CPU, with System-on-Chip technology, provides performance that is twice as fast as conventional dual core-powered multi-function printers.


Feature #3: Customizable Scanning Tools

The Smart UX Center is an Android-powered touchscreen interface that allows you to customize the way you print and scan, using downloadable software. One handy (and free) downloadable widget that can help you fine-tune your scanning is the Scan Customizer.

Wish You Could Scan Better? These 3 Printers Can Help

You can use the widget to create preset shortcuts and save individual users’ own preferred scan settings. That means that when your employees log in to a printer, they will immediately be able to access their own favored settings and shortcuts every time.


Feature #4: Advanced Scanning Software

If you plan to do a lot of scanning, it helps if you can access advanced scanning tools and multi-task workflow options, allowing you to integrate other tasks, such as optical character recognition, printing and copying.

Smart Scan, a Smart UX app, lets you make edits directly from your printer’s interface. You can automatically crop your scans, reduce file sizes or improve readability, with noise removal tools and tools that let you improve contrast and brightness. You can also use the app to save your scanned images as multiple files based on predefined page counts.

The Dynamic Workflow app is a boon for anyone who needs to work on combinations of scanning, optical character recognition and document distribution tasks. By creating single workflows, you can automate tasks, speeding up your scan-related jobs. You can also save workflows as one-touch shortcut templates, ready for future use.


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