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7 Cost-effective Ways to Boost Your Printing Security

7 Cost-effective Ways to Boost Your Printing SecuritySecurity threats are on the rise everywhere. Breeches can cost you money and cause irreparable damage to your company’s reputation. However, there are now more ways than ever to fight back.

Computer World recently listed¹ 10 ways small- and medium-sized businesses can improve their security. Computer World stated, “Improving security doesn’t always mean having to buy more equipment or invest in expensive training.”

If you are a Samsung customer who uses a few of the cost-effective solutions mentioned below, you may already be able to apply the vast majority of Computer World’s tips to your printing network.


1. “Disable Risky Software”

If you suspect that a software solution is causing problems for your printers, you will want to act quickly. With customizable, open XOA-E platforms and the versatile Smart UX ecosystem, your IT admins can pick and choose the software your printers run, adding and removing apps at will. That means if you feel unsure about a piece of software, you can act quickly to remove it while you investigate the matter.


2. “Use Encryption Well”

Data breeches can result in clients losing faith in your company. That is why encrypting your data is always a good idea. The Samsung Security Framework provides data encryption throughout your documents’ entire life cycles. With encrypted WiFi, Bluetooth and PC- or mobile device-to-printer transfers, your information remains safe.


3. “Secure Online Banking Accounts”

Your company cannot afford to allow just anyone to access the bank statements and financial materials you print out. Samsung’s pull-printing offerings provide a solution. With solutions like the Printing Security Core, part of the Business Core 2.5 suite of solutions, and a number of secure pull-printing solutions offered by Samsung affiliate PrinterOn, printers will only release documents to the person who issued the print job. Employees can identify themselves with PIN codes, Near Field Communication (NFC) cards or NFC-enabled mobile devices.


4. “Get Serious about Passwords”

7 Cost-effective Ways to Boost Your Printing Security

Most people secure their PCs and mobile devices with passwords, so why should printers be any different? The Secure Login Core, also part of the afore-mentioned Business Core 2.5 suite, lets you use a wide range of authentication options. These include smart ID cards, PIN numbers, and NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) authentication, so employees can even log in to printers using their mobile device. To ensure your devices stay safe, the Secure Login Core also automatically logs users out when they are done. IT admins can change settings to prompt printers to log inactive users out faster.


5. “Rationalize Patching”

Manually checking and updating firmware for an entire printing fleet is a labor-intensive task for IT admins. However, failing to update can cause major problems – potentially allowing cyber-villains to exploit security holes in your network. The Smart Update app, a free download for Smart UX Center users, automatically searches Samsung servers for new, official firmware. That means you can either install updates right away or download them and install them later.


6. “Monitor Cloud Storage”

When it comes to choosing a cloud provider, it is important to pick a company with a proven track record. Samsung devices allow you to integrate recognized, encrypted third-party solutions like Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, Hightail, OneDrive and Microsoft SharePoint Online using solutions like the Cloud Connector Core. You can also enable safe cloud printing via mobile devices with the Samsung Cloud Print app, which provides end-to-end encryption. Read more on all of Samsung’s cloud solutions here.


7. “Dispose of Old Hardware Securely”

7 Cost-effective Ways to Boost Your Printing Security

Disposing of large quantities of hardware on a regular basis poses security dangers, as many companies forget to wipe sensitive data from their machines. One way to get around this problem is to invest in durable devices that can stand the test of time, like Samsung printers. You can also use the Smart UX Mobile app to add modern functionality to older conventional 2- or 4-line printers. Giving devices you currently use a new lease of life is also much more cost effective than upgrading to newer models!


¹ “10 Ways SMEs Can Boost Security without Spending Money.” ComputerworldUK, 21 Mar. 2018,


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