Can Printing Play a Part in Omnichannel Transformation?

We now live in an age of internet commerce. However, professionals still say that physical stores, showrooms and the like still play a key role in modern business.

Indeed, some say we live in an “omnichannel” world, where companies integrate multiple retail methods – letting clients buy and browse goods and services online, by phone or in physical stores. Decathalon deputy CEO François De Witte says, “Omnichannel is a revolution no one can escape.”

But could changing the way you print help your company embark on a journey into an omnichannel future?


Enabling Staff

Top-quality materials, such as brochures, leaflets and catalogs can help marketers, salespeople and branch staff better understand your newest products and services. Sales staff also like to provide clients with brochures, leaflets and catalogs they can peruse or take away.

But many companies now make constant improvements and updates to their offerings – meaning leaflets you printed just last week may already be outdated. Luckily, Samsung Printing’s cloud solutions can help deliver real-time data to all parties, allowing branches and sales staff access to up-to-date marketing materials.

Can Printing Play a Part in Omnichannel Transformation?

Solutions like the Cloud Connector Core, for example, can help you ensure everyone who is trying to sell your product remains on the same page. Part of the Business Core suite of SMB-friendly solutions, the Cloud Connector Core allows for easy (and serverless) integration with third-party cloud services like Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, Hightail, OneDrive and Microsoft SharePoint Online.


Mobile Moves

It is very hard to implement an omnichannel approach if your office IT is restrictive. Many companies are still in a PC-to-printer dynamic, where all print jobs have to be issued from a desktop computer. But multi-platform printing is actually quite straightforward.

Can Printing Play a Part in Omnichannel Transformation?

With Samsung’s mobile printing solutions, marketers can print from mobiles and tablets. Instead of asking customers to wait while they go off to print marketing materials, salespeople can print wherever they are, routing jobs to the nearest device.

And with the Smart UX Mobile app, sales staff can turn their conventional Samsung printers with 2- or 4-line LCDs into smart printing devices, controlling devices remotely, using their mobiles and tablets as Smart UX panels.


Real-world Solutions

Companies all over the world are using Samsung devices and software to empower their sales staff with digital-age solutions.

Massinelli is an Italian Samsung partner whose office supply chain client used to print and send its marketing materials to branches all over the country by mail. But with the Samsung SDK for the Smart UX Center, Massinelli created an app that lets branch staff print whatever materials they need, whenever the need arises. And outlet staff can also provide head office with real-time feedback on materials, allowing for on-the-spot edits.

Coffee at Work, a German company that offers coffee-making facilities for enterprise customers, teamed up with Samsung partner e-systems to enable mobile printing and secure pull-printing – ideal for Coffee at Work’s employees, many of whom work in sales.

The expansive nature of the Smart UX Center lets you improve your document management game – vital for sales staff who need to access or log paperwork. Another auto expert, Italy’s Franceschi, joined forces with Samsung and Semprebon-Lux, for a solution whereby printers automatically name and classify scanned document using barcodes.


Forward the Revolution

The omnichannel revolution is still young, and only time will tell exactly how quickly modern businesses will adapt to it.

Can Printing Play a Part in Omnichannel Transformation?

What is certain is that one-dimensional business models are no longer good enough for most customers, who want a seamless online and offline sales experience. With multi-platform, cloud and mobile printing solutions, modern SMBs can let sales staff to do their jobs better – benefiting both you and your customers.