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How to be More Productive and Help Your Staff Stop Working Late

How to be More Productive and Help Your Staff Stop Working LateRecent research has shown that when workers continuously log long hours, the effects can be unfavorable for more than a business’s bottom line.

Long workweeks have been linked to impaired sleep and fatigue, and can lead to productivity losses due to absenteeism (with more employees taking sick days), higher health insurance costs and turnover rates. Studies have also found that the stress and exhaustion caused by overworking can make effective leadership and decision-making more difficult.

This wealth of research suggests that savvy managers can actually increase office efficiency by encouraging employees to go home on time. Here are a few tips to help your staff get more done and stop working late.


Use Your Time Wisely

Ensuring that your business remains healthy, happy and productive requires close examination of how employees are managing their work hours their working hours. This will allow you to promptly address any inefficient practices that may be wasting time.

How to be More Productive and Help Your Staff Stop Working Late

Samsung’s multi-function printers (MFPs) offer an array of intuitive solutions that allow businesses to streamline a vital element of daily operations: document management. Employees may dedicate large amounts of time to repetitive document digitization. Document Workflow Core allows businesses that regularly handle paper documents by automating digital document handling.

The automated solution offers a seamless and cost-effective infrastructure for repetitive document handling that allows users to instantly categorize and distribute digital documents to predefined destinations. This saves valuable time, and ultimately helps drive efficiency.


Invest in Tech That Can Keep Up

While we’re on the topic of saving time, one of the biggest inhibitors of office productivity are slow, outdated devices. When working on an urgent project, there are few things more frustrating than a computer or printer whose sluggish performance limits your output.

How to be More Productive and Help Your Staff Stop Working Late

Samsung’s MFPs, including the MultiXpress 7 (MX7) series and the new ProXpress M4560FX, pack powerful engines under their hoods that allow them to breeze through prints, scans and faxes with ease. The devices’ quad-core CPUs and dual-scan document feeders were designed to boost efficiency and reduce wait times, helping you finish work faster.


Maximize Your Mornings

While we’re clearly not all morning people, research suggests that we’re most productive between the hours of 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. So why not use that to your office’s advantage?

How to be More Productive and Help Your Staff Stop Working Late

When possible, consider scheduling important meetings, presentations or tasks in the morning to take advantage of this productive period. And if, before heading out the door to work, you find that the morning meeting’s already-printed materials are suddenly out of date, use the Samsung Mobile Print app to instantly print the latest version from the office MFP so you can start working as soon as you get there.


Know When to Say No

We’ve saved perhaps the most difficult suggestion for last.

If you’re continuously working late because you’re simply taking on too much work, don’t be afraid to say no. Effective managers will welcome the opportunity to discuss ways to help their staff manage their core responsibilities more efficiently.

Both businesses and staff benefit from knowing when to call it a day. Following these tips, and adopting efficiency-boosting solutions like Samsung’s, can help your business start maximizing workdays and finishing on time.

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