Is Your Business Embracing BYOD Flexibility?If your business has not yet adopted a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, it may be time to consider doing so.

A recent report on BYOD usage in enterprises suggests that approximately 81 percent of American businesses are allowing or will soon allow employees to use their own devices for work purposes. When properly utilized, BYOD frameworks can help businesses work more flexibly, boost productivity, and reduce costs.

Samsung printers offer BYOD enterprises a number of benefits. Let’s examine a few of them here, to get a better sense of whether a BYOD policy may be right for your business.


The new standard

BYOD has been on the rise for quite some time now, and it’s not hard to see why. A recent Frost & Sullivan study revealed that employees who use personal devices for work activities save roughly 58 minutes per day and are up to 34 percent more productive. This comes as no surprise, given that workers are familiar with their devices, which saves companies the effort of training staff to manage new tech.

If those figures have caught your attention and you’re interested in adopting a BYOD policy, we’ve got good news for you. Chances are, your employees’ mobile devices are already equipped with technologies that can ensure a smooth BYOD transition.

Is Your Business Embracing BYOD Flexibility?

For example, your employees may have the Samsung Print Service plugin pre-installed on their Android smartphones. The plugin, installed on over 500 million Android mobile devices worldwide, enables Android apps to wirelessly print to nearby Mopria-certified printing devices.

The Samsung Print Service plugin was designed to make mobile printing as easy as printing in the office. It allows users to seamlessly print to over 100 million printers—approximately 98 percent of devices in use today¹.


Capitalize on cloud convenience

One of the greatest benefits of BYOD policies is that employees always have their work device on hand, making it easier to be productive on the go. That convenience is magnified when the devices are seamlessly connected to the cloud via the Samsung Cloud Print app.

Samsung Cloud Print allows employees to pair their smartphone with their office’s multi-function printer (MFP) to conveniently print cloud-stored documents. Once set up, the app enables users to securely print the files² from their mobile device whenever and wherever they need to.


Security you can trust

Samsung printers are backed by an array of security measures that ensure that data transmitted by mobile devices is properly safeguarded.

Is Your Business Embracing BYOD Flexibility?

For example, Secure Login Core, one of the five modular solutions included in the Business Core solutions suite, allows IT administrators to regulate printer access via an array of authentication methods, including tapping one’s NFC-capable smartphone against the printer’s built-in sensor. Another modular solution, Printing Security Core, supports secure pull printing so that documents requested from PCs or mobile devices are released only to authorized users.


BYOD may not be a perfect fit for every business, but it does offer benefits for SMBs. Samsung’s solutions can enhance those benefits, allowing your staff to work more comfortably and efficiently.


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