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Boosting Productivity in an Age of Rising Wage Bills

Are your wage bills rising? With SMB salaries increasing by almost 3 percent last year, per Paychex’s IHS Markit Small Business Employment Watch report, chances are you have never been paying your staff so much. But if your workforce is now your biggest expense, should it not also be your biggest asset? Indeed, in times of […]

Millennials and Flexible Workforces: How Your Business Can Adapt

Is your idea of a perfect workforce a group of employees who show up at the office from 9 to 6 Monday-Friday? If so, statistics say your business model is dated – and out-of-step with modern workers’ expectations. Per American Express, 75 percent of United States millennials think business environments should be “flexible and fluid.” […]

Three Essential Elements of Great Partnerships

As dealers and developers alike seek out the recipe for business success, many are looking for a partnership that offers lasting commitment and long-term growth. Good relationships are often built on strong foundations, which help to make the ambitions of all parties involved a reality. But the keys to a great partnership do not have […]

Document Management: an Enduring History

Documentation, in some form or another, has existed for millennia. Indeed, clay tablets from the royal houses of Mycenean Greece, are some of the earliest surviving files on record (dating to approximately 1450 BCE). The tablets reveal stock counts of chariots, animals and food belonging to the ancient palaces. It is clear that even in […]

Éviter les bourrages papier….

La plupart des bourrages papier peuvent être évités en sélectionnant les supports corrects. Pour éviter les bourrages papier, suivez les instructions ci-dessous : Assurez-vous que les guides réglables sont correctement positionnés. Ne surchargez pas le bac. Assurez-vous que le niveau du papier ne dépasse la marque de capacité située à l’intérieur du bac. Ne retirez pas […]

Real-time Solutions to Speed up Your Business

As business becomes increasingly competitive, company owners simply do not have time to wait for office tech to respond to their fast-changing requirements. Instead, workers need solutions that provide them with services right now – in real-time. Fortunately, many Samsung Printing’s solutions provide real-time answers to real-world problems, enhancing office productivity and keeping you up-to-speed. […]

Four Reasons to Choose Genuine Toner Cartridges

Counterfeits seem to be everywhere in every industry, promising the same product for less. Yet those who have purchased counterfeit items often find that the joy of securing a bargain quickly turns into disillusionment. Devised to look superficially like the genuine article – often through patent-infringing designs – counterfeit products may ultimately disappoint and offer […]

How Samsung Printing Can Help Personalize Your Customers’ Journeys

In modern business, one size no longer fits all. In the age of the discerning customer, companies that create seamless customer experiences can boost sales and enhance their reputations. Indeed, creating “personalized customers’ journeys” was named a key tech trend for 2018 by Forbes’ Daniel Newman. Newman writes, “The more customers feel like people, rather than […]

Why Your SMB Should Print In-House

In a 2017 report, market research organization IBISWorld indicated that recent developments in computer technology have enabled SMBs to complete tasks previously serviced by the quick printing industry from the comfort of their own facilities. To this end, new color printing technologies like Samsung’s MFPs are allowing SMBs to conveniently and independently produce the retail, sales […]

Turn Over a New Leaf: 3 Printing Resolutions for the New Year

The new year can signal the opportunity for a fresh start. As 2018 gets underway many of us will take the time to reflect on the past year and make promises to ourselves to do things differently. Businesses, too, will be looking to leap into the next 365 days with new targets and objectives, and […]

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