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L’impression à distance, une fonctionnalité de plus en plus demandée

Les professionnels de tous les secteurs doivent aujourd’hui s’adapter aux évolutions de l’industrie. Pour les entreprises, il est devenu primordial d’optimiser la flexibilité, de réduire les coûts et d’améliorer la qualité des services qu’ils fournissent à leur client. Tout cela implique de permettre aux employés d’imprimer des documents lorsqu’ils sont en déplacement, ce qui explique […]

Samsung and Mopria Alliance Continue to Reduce Mobile Printing Barriers

Many people remember the difficulties of trying to print from a mobile device in recent years. Connecting a mobile device to a network printer was often confusing and sometimes simply didn’t work. From incompatible devices to broken or missing drivers, the experience was less than optimal. Clearly, there was room for the industry to innovate […]

Exploring Samsung’s Range of Hardware, Software and Mobile Scanning Solutions

In the modern office, few devices are as practical as scanners. Used properly, scanning-enabled office hardware can clear entire rooms full of archived documentation in a few days, allowing you to store huge amounts of data digitally – for clutter-free workspaces. Fortunately, Samsung Printing offers a plethora of scanning solutions, ranging from high-performing hardware to […]

L’impression NFC Samsung, solution de choix des petites entreprises

Au cœur de l’impression mobile : l’impression NFC Samsung L’avènement de l’impression mobile a provoqué une transformation en profondeur des entreprises du monde entier. Même si la vôtre n’a pas encore adopté cette technologie, il y a de grandes chances que vous y pensiez. Afin de vous permettre d’implémenter une stratégie d’impression mobile prenant en compte […]

5 tendances à respecter pour favoriser l’efficacité dans les bureaux modernes

L’idée qu’une imprimante puisse avoir une incidence sur la productivité semble improbable à certains. La réalité leur donne cependant tort. Les outils bureautiques sont devenus très performants et innovants, et sont en mesure de révolutionner les opérations de n’importe quelle entreprise moderne. Voici 5 tendances à respecter pour garantir l’efficacité des processus d’impression (mais pas […]

Making the Most of Your New Multifunction Printer and its Smart UX

Trading up to a powerful multifunction printer(MFP) means that your business will immediately benefit from improved technology, printing security and digital tools, creating time- and cost-savings in your organization. However, now that you’ve taken this big step forward and your MFP has settled into your office, you may not realize all of the ways that […]

Samsung Electronics Advances into Self-Service Payment Printing Market with New “Smart Printing Kiosk” Offering

Samsung Electronics Italy unveiled its Smart Printing Kiosk, which supports self-service payments for printing, copying and scanning on Samsung multi-functional printers (MFPs). The newly-featured Smart Printing Kiosk offering consists of a paid app available exclusively on Samsung’s Smart UX Center and a payment solution created by partner company SKUARIO. Having the MFPs connected to an […]

5 Smart Apps That Improve Office Productivity

A common adage from the investment world states that ‘past performance is not indicative of future results’ and the same is also true for the business world. All successful businesses understand that there are always ways to enhance efficiency and improve performance. Samsung’s Smart UX Center provides a number of excellent solutions for any company […]

Samsung Electronics UK Announces Availability of Amazon Dash Replenishment-Enabled Printers

Samsung Electronics UK announced today the availability of Amazon Dash Replenishment-enabled printers in the U.K. With Dash Replenishment, when a connected printer detects low toner levels, it will send notifications to Samsung Cloud which is relayed to Amazon so replacements are reordered. “The introduction of Dash Replenishment in the U.K will help provide efficiency, convenient […]

Part Two: Samsung Printing Offers Software Solutions Businesses Need

*Part 1 of this 2-part series provided an overview of our top hardware solutions for SMBs; Part 2 focuses on our leading lineup of smart software solutions that power our hardware. When a small and medium-sized business makes an investment in its printing networks, it should feel comfortable knowing that its purchase will provide intuitive and […]

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