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How the Printer Became a Vital Part of Today’s Digital Workplace

It wasn’t that long ago that everyone predicted that the printer would become irrelevant, pointing to the growing number of businesses digitizing their workflows and the increasing ranks of on-the-go workers as evidence. However, despite some grim expectations of print’s future, these days printers have instead emerged as a vital tool for connectivity, productivity, collaboration […]

Reduce Office Energy Costs Amid the Summer Heat with Sleep Mode

With summer well under way, many businesses are looking to beat the heat – and avoid skyrocketing office expenses – by initiating office-wide energy reduction strategies. Besides choosing green facilities like offices and furnishings or encouraging more eco-friendly habits amongst their employees, one other way companies can reduce their environmental footprint is by taking a […]

Remote Tools Ensure IT Admins Remain in Control

According to the US Small Business Administration, most businesses experience a summer slowdown due to reduced workloads and their employees & clients taking vacations. However, a company’s sensitive information needs protection 24/7, 365. This means there is no downtime for IT professionals, no matter what the season is. Even though many of us are planning […]

Samsung Printer C4062FX Wins Buyers Lab Pick Award for “Outstanding Color Multifunction Printer for Large Workgroups”

(Left) Gerry O’ Rourke, director of Buyers Laboratory Inc. (Right) Kasey Kim, vice president of Samsung Printing Solutions   Samsung Electronics America won an award for “Outstanding Color Multifunction Printer for Large Workgroups” for its ProXpress C4062FX at the Buyers Laboratory (BLI) Summer 2017 Pick Awards. Samsung ProXpress C4062FX is a color laser multifunction printer, […]

Part One: Samsung’s Top Hardware for Business Productivity

*In part 1 of this 2-part series, Samsung Printing will provide an overview of Samsung’s leading hardware solutions for SMBs, and part 2 will focus on smart business software solutions. Today, Samsung’s extensive range of top-quality hardware and software solutions utilize the latest in digital technology and are transforming offices worldwide. But for small and […]

German Coffee Venture Brewing Success with Samsung MFPs

For up-and-coming companies full of smart business ideas, growth usually means investing in the future. For many, the best way to expand is to improve your infrastructure, streamline your operations and fine-tune your workflows. And that often entails taking your tech operations to the next level – allowing your company to seek out new opportunities […]

Is Your Company Ready for the “Golden Age” of SMB Investment?

Experts have good news for anyone running a small- or medium-sized business (SMB): a “golden age” appears to be at hand. Forbes writer David Prosser claims that in certain parts of the world “crowdfunding and other types of private finance for SMBs could usher in a golden age of investment.” And, according to a recent […]

Printing Solutions Tailored to Professionals

Despite some claiming that ‘everything is becoming digital’, paper and printing is still pervasive throughout the business world. And recently, printed documents have experienced somewhat of a renaissance in offices the world over. According to one report in Biz Community, workers are printing up to 36 pages per day on average, with the most commonly […]

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