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7 Smart Apps that Could Change the Way Your Company Prints

What if you could add new levels of functionality to your office devices and diversify the way you use them? What if software (rather than expensive hardware upgrades) could help you boost productivity and efficiency – and let you expand your business scope? And could a selection of apps and widgets save you time and […]

Upgrade Your MFP Now, Not Later, for Cost Savings

Putting off that upgrade? It may sound surprising, but one of the easiest ways to cut costs may actually be through replacing your older but still functional MFP with a more advanced multifunction printer, especially one with cloud-based management solutions. The benefits will quickly add up.   Save on Energy and Material Costs With the […]

Financial Sector Data Attacks Are on the Rise: How to Protect Your Printer Network

Here is a worrying statistic if you work in the financial industry: According to IBM researchers, over 200 million financial services records were breached last year – representing a staggering 937 percent increase on 2015. And what is more, experts say that financial sector industries are 65 percent more likely to be targeted by security […]

What Is Document Capture – and Is Your Company Getting it Right?

How much time do your employees spend scanning and capturing printed documents? In days gone by, all the paper documents a company received had to be delivered by hand. Staff used to spend hours on end sorting documents and deciding what exactly had to be done with them – and then choosing where to file […]

FACT OR FICTION : Are RemoteCall and RemoteView Apps Really That Different? Yes and No

Samsung first changed the game in printer fleet service and maintenance with its RemoteCall app, available on the Printing App Center, which allows users to remotely contact service engineers who can identify and even fix MFP problems online. Then, last month, Samsung additionally introduced a new app, RemoteView, which allows the viewing and management of […]

Samsung Electronics America Introduces ProXpress C40 Series Printers to Help Businesses Improve Productivity

The ProXpress C40 features impressive printing speed, professional imaging quality and customized features with Smart UX Center solutions. The series is optimized to increase productivity for businesses in industries that require high quality and high volume printing such as retail, professional and financial services. The C40 series includes C4010ND, C4012ND, and C4062FX.* The C40 series […]

Self-auditing Your Printing Operations Is Easier than You Think with Samsung

For small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking to make headway in today’s ultra-competitive business world, developing winning enterprise habits is important. Researchers say that SMB spending on IT products and services will rise to the US$668 billion mark by 2020, while studies have shown that in some markets, SMB owners admit that they have no […]

New Support and Security Apps Provide Boost for IT Admins

In the modern world, it is not uncommon for IT admins and customer support center managers to feel like they are drowning in troubleshooting requests and security-related issues. The office has become a hive of cutting-edge technology. While this is great news for staff, if you are a busy IT admin, it can often feel […]

5 Reasons why Samsung Printing Solutions is the Perfect Business Partner

Every successful company knows and understands that teamwork is the number one key to success. Teamwork doesn’t just stop at the door with a business’s employees, it extends outward towards partners, and other service providers as well. Strong teamwork is often that missing intangible, holding firms back from joining the upper echelons of the business […]

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