Customize-Your-Copying-and-Scanning-with-these-Powerful-Widgets_v1At Samsung we understand that no matter how many advanced features our MFPs have, copying and scanning are still the core functions that employees need the most. That’s why Samsung’s Smart UX center offers two free widgets, Copy Customizer and Scan Customizer, to save time and effort, and to create a more streamlined MFP experience.


Widgets or Apps?


We use both all of the time, and sometimes for similar functions. But they work very differently.

Widgets are self-contained mini-programs that run continuously in the background, without needing to be specifically opened. An example might be if you have a weather update on your mobile phone; every time you unlock your phone’s home screen, you can see the current temperature and if it’s going to rain, without having to launch or tap anything.

By contrast, an app is a dedicated program with a specific function which requires you to tell it to go to work. While an app could tell you about the weather, and perhaps in more detail, you would have to actively launch and run it.

Both Copy and Scan Customizer are widgets – always on, and always ready to help. So what tasks can they do? Most anything you need.


Create Copies Your Way with the Copy Customizer Widget


The Copy Customizer widget is an excellent tool for busy offices, as it supports almost all Copy app features, and in most cases actually removes the need to open the Copy app in the first place.

The Copy Customizer widget can be configured to mirror commonly-used Copy app options, and can save preferred settings for different users. For example, an employee might require duplex, 2-sided book or other specific settings for their most common copying tasks. All of these unique parameters can be set and saved with the widget’s Authentication and Authorization support. This way, they will automatically appear each time that particular employee logs in to the MFP, saving them from going through screen after screen of settings each time they want to copy something.

For industries like education, legal, finance, government and finance, where everyday copying is essential, Copy Customizer can reduce redundancy and establish much more efficient workflows.


Scan Customizer Widget Can Automate Digital Archiving


Much like Copy Customizer, Scan Customizer takes the legwork out of arranging settings, allowing you to save even complex scan workflows and reduce steps.

Setting up the Scan Customizer widget is simple, and scanned documents can be sent to any desired location, including emails, folders, boxes or even USBs, without having to set the destination each time. Users can tailor the Scan Customizer widget’s settings to meet their exact needs, including the types of files to be created, OCR language and resolution, all without having to open the Scan and Send app.

For offices which archive documents digitally, or which are digitizing their operations after being primarily paper-based, the Scan Customizer widget will be an immediate help.


Getting Started

To use the Copy Customizer and Scan Customizer widgets, users can simply open the Printing App Center located on the Smart UX Center’s main screen and add both widgets. Users can then navigate to the Widgets Menu to start configuring their desired settings. The Scan and Copy Customizer widgets are compatible with the ProXpress M458x Series printer, and most MultiXpress Series multifunction printers including X4, K4, X7, and K7 models.

To learn more about how Copy Customizer and Scan Customizer widgets can save time and effort, watch the [Smart Tips] How to use Copy Customizer and Scan Customizer video below.