Stress Tests: How Will Your Printers Perform Under Pressure?Stress tests that simulate imagined scenarios to establish how an organization will cope under those circumstances are a well-established part of the financial sector. However, stress tests can also benefit other businesses, allowing them to identify weaknesses and liabilities in preparation for the future.

When it comes to your printers, these three stress tests may prove valuable indicators of potential risks to the printing ecosystem.


1. What happens if my business grows rapidly?

When things go right, sudden growth can be the cause of excitement for many organizations. However, it’s important to ensure that your printing environment is able to manage the higher volumes of work that come with operation expansion – whether you’re a retail organization that prints your own marketing materials in-house, or a company that deals with significant volumes of document capture and management. Performing trial runs of this case-scenario will help you to locate any possible pain points.

Stress Tests: How Will Your Printers Perform Under Pressure?

Thankfully, the MultiXpress 7 (MX7) series of Samsung multi-function printers are equipped with fast Quad-Core CPUs and efficient system-on-chip hardware, meaning they can process and print quickly. In fact, the MX7 series was designed to meet a rigorous set of standards for speed and durability. Devices in the MX7 series are also swift scanners. The X7600GX is able to reach scan speeds of up to 240ipm, using its Dual Scan Document Feeder (DSDF).


2. One of my printers is experiencing technical difficulties?

Your business runs like a machine, with all the parts working together in harmony. Yet if a part breaks or falls out of place, even the most well-oiled machine can be hindered. Knowing that safeguards are in place to keep your printing environment running smoothly will give you peace of mind.

Stress Tests: How Will Your Printers Perform Under Pressure?

In the rare case of technical problems, the application RemoteView can aid a speedy resolution. RemoteView works by allowing service engineers to remotely access your printers to make on the spot diagnoses and even perform troubleshooting procedures. The application also lets engineers see the live-view functionality of multiple devices and their group configurations. In addition, the solution Printing Security Core, part of the modular suite of solutions Business Core, facilitates pull printing to other printers in the network, so that you can retrieve documents from a temporarily out-of-service printer, print them on another device, and continue with your work.


3. Micro Stress Test: Am I sure I am getting the most out of my printers?

Businesses are constantly striving to minimize operation costs while maximizing output. Regularly recording and reviewing your company’s performance will help you to identify any particular drains on resources or patterns of overspending. This is true for your printers: keeping tabs on printing habits will help you monitor and manage the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your devices.

Stress Tests: How Will Your Printers Perform Under Pressure?

Usage Tracker Core, also part of the Business Core suit of solutions, gives IT Admins the opportunity to see how the process is running from top to bottom. Providing a detailed breakdown of printing habits, Usage Tracker Core is able to collate data over multiple devices and arrange information by user group, so that you can get a full summary of how different departments use your printers. Furnished with this knowledge, you can take steps to minimize wasteful prints and ensure efficiency across the board.


Performing stress tests does not have to be stressful. An accurate assessment of how your printers perform under pressure, as well as in normal circumstances, will help you prepare for tomorrow, today.