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Whatever the Weather, Samsung Printers Are Built to Perform

Whatever the Weather, Samsung Printers Are Built to PerformIt is hard enough keeping your staff warm at winter and cool in the hot summer without having to worry about your office equipment. But like it or not, office devices are machines, so are just as susceptible to high heat and low temperatures as their human operators.

Just as many cars struggle to start on cold winter mornings, devices like printers can also experience trouble when the mercury starts to fall – or soar.

That is why Samsung Printing Solutions’ devices have built in the capacity to withstand some of the harshest of office environments: from freezing cold to searing summertime humidity.


Fending off the Freeze

It is often the case that a company’s OA room is the coldest place in the office. After all, few office managers want to waste money heating a room that people spend so little time in. In colder parts of the world, offices are unheated during weekends and public holidays, meaning temperatures in the room your printers are housed in can regularly hit sub-zero levels.

This can potentially lead to a whole host of issues, including frozen liquids and gases, which all have the potential to grind your printing operations to a sudden halt.

Toner is particularly sensitive to the cold, especially polymerized varieties like Samsung’s, which use smaller and more round-shaped toner particles. In temperatures below 0°C, cleaning blades malfunction, often leaving lines and streaks on your copies. Samsung’s cleaning blades are made with a special kind of urethane that performs well even at -5°C– so you do not end up with lines or streaks on your prints.

Whatever the Weather, Samsung Printers Are Built to Perform

Samsung multi-function printers (MFPs) also have a range of other functions that help you stave off the cold. Printers have grease in internal parts. When temperature falls, grease viscosity decreases and can cause errors to occur. For models like the C30 series, your device takes preventative steps to stop errors occurring.

C30 series use a “slow start” process, automatically reducing their motors’ rotations per minute (RPM) rate when starting up. This allows the temperature of the fusing unit to rise, boosting grease viscosity – and preventing potential errors from taking place.


Cure for the Summertime Blues

Summertime means high temperatures – and also every print user’s worst nightmare: humidity.

Humid weather can cause sheets of paper to stick together, causing paper jams. And that means printing in the summer heat can often equal nothing but frustration.

Whatever the Weather, Samsung Printers Are Built to Perform

Fortunately, devices like the MultiXpress 7 (MX7) series of MFPs are up to the challenges of both heat and humidity. These printers feature fans on printer’s columns that dry paper before feeding it into the machine, stopping pages from sticking together.

In addition to the MX7’s moisture-extracting technology, the series also has a heat-busting Airflow System, which prevents temperatures from rising too high in the engine, maintaining an optimized operational temperature no matter how high the outdoor temperature gets.

Devices’ internal mechanics also feature a picture development system component that is cooled to a maximum of 45°C, for impeccable performance, even on summer’s hottest days.


Keeping the Elements at Bay

Paper and engine performance are affected by the cold, heat and humidity, often resulting in errors or color inaccuracies, both of which have the potential to cause your company headaches. That is why Samsung’s MFP devices also feature a scanner-based color calibration function, helping correct color inaccuracies in all user environments.

This function allows your printer to perform a test pattern pre-print process inside the set, which is then internally scanned and assessed for color quality, with automatic corrections made to color tone.

With a whole range of heat-, cold- and humidity-busting features, you do not need to worry what the elements have in store this year. The weather might give your competitors the chills, or leave them hot under the collar – but you can rest assured in the knowledge that your Samsung printers’ tech lets you stay as cool as a cucumber.

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